Welcome to the website of the Mindful EBID Foundation

My name is Regine Begatik. I manage the Foundation that my husband and I set up. We successfully ran our construction company of special-purposes machines  for many years. But, over time, we felt that the quest for technical and economic perfection did not really fulfil us. The desire to do our utmost to help people in need of protection and assistance, as well as our natural environment, gradually matured in us and became a decision.

We came across the Hawaiian forgiveness ritual Ho‘oponopono, which called on us to take responsibility for ourselves and our world. This means trusting in the strength of love and forgiveness.

The EBID part of our Foundation‘s name is based on the core statements of Ho‘oponopono in German. The meaning is:
E: Es tut mir leid [I am sorry].
B: Bitte verzeihe mir [Please forgive me].
I: Ich liebe dich [I love you].
D: Danke [Thank you].

We are committed to a sustainable, attentive, better world.
We are impartial, independent, transparent and not limited to any particular topic.
Do you have the feeling that you want to show gratitude for something in your life, or do you think that there is something good to be done?
Then we want to inform you, talk to you and involve you as a donor. We will take into account your ideas and wishes regarding what your donation should be used for, naturally in harmony with the Foundation’s aims.